Electrical Isolation Certificate

Electrical Isolation Certificate

What is the Electrical Isolation Certificate?

The EIC is a safety certificate issued by a qualified electrician or by an Electrically Authorised Person (EAP), after all or part of an electrical system has been safely isolated by means of a Safe Isolation Procedure.

The EIC is not a legal document, but is a part of a `safe system of work procedure` used by many industries with complex electrical systems. It is usually accompanied by a Permit to Work document issued by an Authorised Person.

The Electrical Isolation Certificate must provide details on:
- Building, plant or equipment that is to be isolated from electrical supply
- Details of the isolation (e.g. fuses removed, locked off, etc.)
- Date and time of isolation
- Its being signed by a qualified electrician or an EAP
- Acceptance by a Competent Person carrying out the work required (signed and dated)
- De-isolation and hand back details


Free, downloadable Electrical IsolationCertificate form

In order to support the electrical community we are providing blank electrical forms that can be filled on your PC or can be printed and filled in by hand. To do this you will need Open Office which is free alternative to MS Office.

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PDF Form

We also offer you a simple yet completely appropriate model form, which can be opened with Acrobat Reader, printed out and filled in by hand. The form comes in a standard PDF format and it is free. You can download the PDF form from here.

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