Electrical Safety Certificate

Electrical Safety Certificate

Not sure what an Electrical Safety Certificate is and how to get one? Don`t worry, on this page you will find everything that you need to know. We will also provide you with a downloadable certificate template that you can use for free.

Your obligations as a landlord

If you are a landlord you have legal obligations to ensure the safety of tenants in your rental property. This includes gas safety, electrical safety and fire safety.

In terms of fire safety you must:

Make sure that all gas using equipment in your rental property is installed and maintained by a Gas Safe registered engineer as well as tested on an annual basis.

Give a copy of the gas safety certificate to your tenants before they move in.

In terms of fire safety you must:

Make sure there is a smoke alarm on each storey of your rental property and a carbon monoxide alarm in any room with a solid fuel burning appliance.

Make sure the furniture and furnishings you supply are fire safe.

In terms of electrical safety of your tenants you must:

Ensure that the electrical installation in your rental property is in a safe condition before tenants move in and that it is maintained in a safe condition throughout the duration of the tenancy.

Arrange that a Periodic Inspection and Testing is carried out every five years or and before the start of any new tenancy. This must be done by a qualified electrician.

Make sure that appliances you provide (being the landlord) must have CE marking and be in safe condition.

As you can see, as a landlord you must ensure that all the electrical equipment in your property is safe and maintained throughout the whole tenancy. This includes all electrical appliances provided by you as well as all the existing home electrical installation (lighting, sockets, fixtures etc.).

Failure to do so will put tenants at risk of from serious accident or fire. These accidents could even have a fatal outcome for which you would be solely responsible in the court of law.
By making sure that you are acting on your electrical safety obligations you will reduce the risk of fines, invalidated insurance or even prosecution.

We recommend that, in your own best interest:

A full Periodic Inspection and Testing to should be carried out on your rental property by a qualified electrician between tenancies and every five years.

You make sure that the electrical installation in the property are up to the current standard of the Wiring Regulations.

Only Part P registered and fully qualified electricians should be engaged for electrical work and inspection on your rental property.

You make sure that regular visual safety checks of the electrical appliances provided are carried out by yourself or your electrician.


Free, downloadable Electrical Safety Certificate form

In order to support the electrical community we are providing blank electrical forms that can be filled on your PC or can be printed and filled in by hand. To do this you will need Open Office which is free alternative to MS Office.

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PDF Form

We also offer you a simple yet completely appropriate model form, which can be opened with Acrobat Reader, printed out and filled in by hand. The form comes in a standard PDF format and it is free. You can download the PDF form from here.

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